Ten years of hard work, one day, the college entrance examination, the eyes polished, focused on the goal; the heart relaxed, calmly facing; the hands stable, display. This year's college entrance examination, you will succeed!


  Ten years of cold, a hundred days of wind and rain, travel all over the mountains, the end of the sea, thousands of grinding and refining, pestle into a needle, waves washing, sand to see the gold. I wish you the best in the college entrance examination.


  If you want to succeed, you should take perseverance as your good friend, experience as your reference, attention as your brother and hope as your sentry.


  During the college entrance examination, I hope you do your best to tell my blessing in the distance, and believe that your efforts and sweat, success and good luck accompany your life!


  Life is beautiful for some people, who are striving for a certain goal in their life. College entrance examination, come on!


  College entrance examination, sincerely wish you the least problems encountered, try your best, the best to relax, the best luck encountered, the best results!


  Friends, be kind to your hobbies. Don't let them make way for study. Let them serve study. Successful college entrance examination!


  Let go of the tension in the past study, face it easily with a common heart, I believe you will get your ideal score. May good luck always be with you!


  Treat your hobbies well. Don't let them make way for study. Let them serve study. I wish you good results in the college entrance examination!


  First of all, we should have the spirit of diligence; secondly, we should have scientific methods; finally, a good mentality is also very important. I wish you success in the college entrance examination!


  No matter how much pressure you have, this year you can only move forward, no matter how much frustration you have, this time you can only fight for blog.


  Light utilitarian, light forward; do not pay, perseverance; do not achieve the goal, will not stop. Wish the college entrance examination smooth!


  We talk about the same family for three years, long and short. In this unusual three years, we have had a combination of ups and downs. I wish you good grades.


  I sincerely wish you the best of luck in this year's college entrance examination, and you will be admitted to the ideal university.


  Erin, it's no big deal. You still have the chance to ask for parallel volunteer. The universities in other provinces are also very good, just stay away from home. It doesn't matter. Believe in yourself!


  The wind blows quietly, and the Phoenix flower reveals its bright red color. Dear friends, please shake hands and run to the West and East tomorrow! But don't forget each other's agreement: the success of college entrance examination!


  College entrance examination students, to believe in themselves, in my mind you are always the best, life can have a few back, this fight!


  There are always so many references in life.


  You have your red, orange, yellow and green, I have my blue, blue and indigo, the sky belongs to us, because we are young.


  In the college entrance examination, I would like to express my blessing as far as possible, believe in my dream and sweat, success and good luck!


  Three years of hard work day and night, today leisurely into the examination room. I read the results through the cold window, but I still have a spirit. Think like a spring of smooth answers, the examination room on the edge.


  College entrance examination is a comprehensive examination comparing knowledge, ability, psychology, confidence and physical strength.


  There are three keys to the success of college entrance examination. First, the spirit of diligence; second, scientific methods; third, a good mentality.


  I wish you the best of luck in this year's college entrance examination. You will be ranked on the list and admitted to the ideal university in your heart.


  The day of college entrance examination is approaching. I hope you can adjust your mind, give full play to it and get into the ideal university! I'm blessing you. Must succeed!


  Wish all the college entrance examination students: the golden list title! Believe in yourself, you are the best!


  No inferiority, don't be conceited, insist on self-confidence! What awesome wishes for all college entrance examination students: whether you are a dark horse, a white horse or a red horse, may you unexpected winner!


  Put down the burden and use your brain. Be diligent in thinking and reviewing. I wish you good results in the college entrance examination!


  College entrance examination is just around the corner. I hope you can overcome all kinds of psychological pressure, pay attention to nutrition, and keep a good mental state. I believe you can play supernormal and succeed!


  Spring is green, and autumn is the world of gold. May you use the green of youth to brew the golden autumn in the future. come on.



  People who are better than you are working hard. Why don't you study?


  The secret of never fading waves: always pursuing an uneasy life.


  Efforts to struggle, courageous upward; sail for themselves, cheer for tomorrow.


  Calm, thoughtful, serious, careful answer.


  A good idea is a dozen dollars. The real priceless thing is the people who can make it happen.


  College Entrance Examination is benefit, and College Entrance Examination is happiness.


  Who is brave in the roadway of Xiongguan?


  After the baptism of sweat, we know more about the joy of harvest. Come on!


  Surmounting difficulties and advancing bravely, victory belongs to the brave.


  You wear flowers at the Heroes'Congress. Central Plains is bigger than martial arts. Best wishes to you.


  Patience and self-confidence come from your strong ideological and intellectual foundation.


  Don't lose confidence, just persevere.


  The soldiers who don't want to be generals are not good soldiers, and the students who don't want to be tested in Tsinghua are not good students.


  Even an immature attempt is better than a strategy of fetal death.


  Create a brilliant new year together with us in the spring and autumn.


  Silver is at the top of the list, and gold is changing with each passing day.


  Be judgmental and confused.


  Wishing you good news, every subject is in full swing!


  Golden List Title Day, to celebrate the wine.


  In order to achieve their goals, we must be able to stand alone.


  College Entrance Examination is the guarantee for economic development.


  No skin, no flesh, no blood, no sweat, no tears.


  Hundred-day sprint, hard battle 345, like to see Phoenix pier flying Caifeng.


  A moment of frustration can often be transformed into learning and insight through indomitable fighting.


  It's not too late to mend.


  Hope, only with diligent companionship, can you add wings like a tiger.


  Ten years of hard work, no regrets, no complaints, once a success, and then recall all the pain and happiness with all one's heart and soul.


  Yangchun is looking forward to March, and a hundred-day dash is imminent.


  Silver is at the top of the list, and gold is changing with each passing day. On weekdays, strict, calm college entrance examination.


  Those who don't study hard can only live their lives without doing anything.


  Heaven's reward for diligence can make up for our weakness, and strive for the vast land every year.


  If you are not afraid of pepsi's disadvantage, you are afraid of frustration.


  As long as you can harvest sweetness, there will be bees busy in the thorns.


  Heaven rewards diligence! The fruitful fruit will always belong to those who persevere in hard work.


  Winter can be without sunshine, summer can be without shade, life can not be without dreams and directions.


  It's good to ask middle and low-grade questions first. Come on!


  The significance of simulation lies in how to go on.


  I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea.


  The exam is imminent. I hope you can achieve the desired results with a good attitude.


  Best wishes to all students: Golden List Title! Believe in yourself, you are the best!


  1.Never give up, and good luck will find you.不要放弃,好运总会垂青你的。

  2.If not us, who? If not now, when?如果我们不做,谁来做?如果今天不做,什么时候做?

  3.Life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. ——生活从未变得轻松,是你在一点一点变强。

  4.However long the night, the dawn will break. 不管黑夜有多长,天亮总会到来。

  5.I don’t always need advice. Sometimes all I need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand. 我并不总是需要建议,有时候,我只是需要有人执手支持,有人侧耳倾听,有人读懂心声。

  6.They always say that time changes things,but you actually have to change them yourself. 人们总说时间会改变一切,但实际上你自己必须去改变一切。

  7.Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.对自己承诺:我要强大到任何事情都无法破坏我内心的平和。

  8.Never let one bad day make you feel like you have a bad life. ——也许你度过了很糟糕的一天,但这并不代表你会因此度过糟糕的一生。

  9.The one who moves forward is the one who doesn't look back. 不回头看的人才能往前走。

  10.A man should have one dream at least, and one reason to hold on to it. If there's no place for his heart to rest, wherever he goes, he is just a vagrant. 一个人至少拥有一个梦想,有一个理由去坚强。心若没有栖息的地方,到哪里都是在流浪。